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Applying for a new address
Addressing Office
Linda Mitchell
GIS Coordinator

Office is located at:
322 E. Main Street
Union, SC 29379


Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm
We strive to make the process of applying for a new address a simple one. Please remember that the primary goal of maintaining the 911 addressing system is to help emergency service responders locate you in an emergency. We hope that by following the guidelines listed below that your experience with this office will be a postive one.

Guidelines for Obtaining a New Address
Submit your application online.  ONLINE ADDRESS APPLICATION


Your site must be cleared and the location of your dwelling or structure and/or the center of your driveway must be clearly marked. 

The address technician must make a site visit in order to assign your address. If your property is gated or otherwise inaccesssible, please arrange a time that we can access your property.

Residential addresses-Utility companies, DHEC and the Assessor's Office will require you to have an address before issuing permits and establishing temporary service. Please apply for your address early in the process in order to avoid delays.

New businesses, please call the office well in advance to discuss your plans.

For Apartments, Condominiums, Subdivisions, and Multi Tennant Businesses, early planning is key to ensuring timely processing of your application. Plat maps or site surveys will be required.

Subdivisions or any property with two or more inhabitable structures on a common driveway may require  a unique road name(s). Please contact the E-911 Coordinator if you need additional information. Again, please start this process as early as possible to avoid delays. 

Display your house number
Within 30 days of receiving your new address you are required by law to post your house number, please click here for important tips on how to protect your family and property. 
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