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Road Sign Maintenance
Theft of County Road Signs Is a Dangerous - and Costly - Problem for Citizens
Imagine a scenario where you are waiting for EMS to respond to a medical emergency for your loved one, only to have them lose precious time because they drive past your street. This is a frightening scenario that could happen because someone has stolen your road sign. Thankfully, there have not been any cases in Union County-yet, where missing signs have caused a critical problem for emergency responders. However, missing signs are a nusiance and unecessary expense to taxpayers.

Union County Office of E-911 employs one part-time person to be responsible for road sign maintenance. A complete road sign cost taxpayers around $30. Fortunately, most thefts are limited to theives breaking off the signs leaving the post and hardware in place. Road signs are made in the department by using reflective tape and a special stenciling to cut out the road name which is then applied to a fiberglas or aluminum sign blank.

Help us keep Union County safe, please promptly report missing road signs to the E-911 office at 864-429-1620. Call 864-429-1611 after hours.

If you have information about a person(s) responsible for stealing road signs, please contact Union County Sheriffs Office at 864-429-1612.

If you want to remain anonymous, call Union County Crime Stoppers at

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