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Geographic Information System
Linda Mitchell
GIS Coordinator
322 E. Main Street
Union, SC 29379
Accurate GIS data is crucial to locating 911 callers during emergencies. The E-911 Division of Emergency Services is responsible for development of the county's Geographic Information System (GIS), 911 addressing, and the GPS and mapping needs for all departments. Other responsibilites include the coordination of technology upgrades as well as indentifying and resolving issues associated with GIS and the county's 911 system.

What is GIS?
A GIS is most often associated with a map. A map, however, is only one way you can work with geographic data in a GIS, more
Union County GIS Digital Data
All Union County data is based on the South Carolina State Plane Coordinate System and referenced to the North American Datum of 1983 , FIPS 3900-feet. 

Union County does not have parcel boundary data available at this time.

In most cases, data orders can be processed within three to six business days.
All data orders must be accompanied by a GIS data release form.

Data Order Form

GIS Data Release 

Map Gallery
As with all geographic data, it is subject to constant change. Every effort is made by this department to keep our information accurate and up to date. All maps are available for download to the public, but Union County makes no claim explicit or implied to the accuracy of this data. 

County Council Districts
School Districts
School Districts with City of Union Inset
Union County Senate District
Precinct Map
Town of Lockhart
Town of Jonesville
Town of Carlisle

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TRIMBLE - GPS Tutorial  
GPS is a complex technology but understanding it can be quite easy if you take it one step at a time. This tutorial is designed to give you a good basic understanding of the principles behind GPS without loading you down with too much technical detail. more
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