Union County Victim Advocate Office
Michelle Shugart, Advocate
210 West Main Street
Union, S.C.  29379
864-429-1673 or fax 864-429-1672

Balancing the Scales of Justice!
How a Victim Advocate can assist you:
  • provide emotional and moral support
  • identify and inform victims of their rights under the law
  • conduct on-scene crisis intervention
  • act as a liaison between victim, police officers, investigators, and community-based agencies
  • arrange for professional counseling and support groups
  • provide information and referrals
  • educate law enforcement and victims of new laws pertaining to specific victimization such as domestic violence
  • provide applications and information to victims concerning South Carolina Crime Victims’ Compensation; explain purpose, procedures and policies, and assist in completion of forms
  • intervene on behalf of victims with creditors, employers, etc. upon request
  • help prepare victims for court and provide court advocacy  and accompaniment
  • provide information regarding current status of case
  • provide information on rights, services and procedures if a victim or witness is harassed or threatened 
A Victim or Witness's Rights:
To a reasonable disposition and prompt and final conclusion of the case.
To be treated with fairness, respect and dignity and to be free from intimidation, harassment, or abuse and informed of a victim's constitutional rights.

Be reasonably informed when the accused or convicted person is arrested, released from custody, or has escaped. 

Be informed of and present at all criminal proceedings which are dispositive of the charges where the defendant has the right to be present. 

To be allowed to submit either a written or oral statement at all hearings affecting bond or bail. 

To be heard at any proceeding involving a post-arrest, a plea, or sentencing. 

Be reasonably protected from the accused or persons acting on his behalf throughout the criminal justice process. 

To confer with the prosecution after the crime against the victim has been charged, before the trial, or before any disposition, and informed of the disposition. 

To have reasonable access after the conclusion of the criminal investigation to all documents relating to the crime against the victim before trial. 

To receive prompt and full restitution from the convicted persons. 

To be informed of any proceeding when any post-conviction action or hearing, and be present at any hearing. 

A Victim or Witness' s Responsibilities:
Provide your legal name, current mailing address, and current telephone number to the appropriate agency. 

Inform appropriate agencies of any change in your name, address, or telephone number. 

Inform the Solicitor’s Office or the Court if you desire to be present for any hearing or sentencing. 

In order to receive restitution, provide full details of the financial impact of the crime committed against you in a timely manner.

Inform the Solicitor’s Office or the Court of your rights to make a written or oral Victim Impact Statement in a timely manner.
The S.C. Victim Compensation Fund
This fund may provide benefits of crime for medical expenses, counseling, and loss of earnings that are not covered by other sources. 

It does not provide compensation for property loss or pain and suffering.
To determine if you qualify for the compensation fund, to receive assistance with filing application, or to find out what other financial assistance may be available, please contact the Victim Advocate at 864-429-1673. 

You may also contact the State Office of Victim Assistance at 1-800-220-5370.
Important Phone Numbers:
Safe Homes/Rape Crisis Center 800-273-5066 or 864-706-5818
Union County Sheriff's Office 864-429-1612
Union Public Safety Department 864-429-1713
Jonesville Police Department 864-674-5262
Department of Social Services 864-429-1660
State Office of Victim Assistance 800-220-5370
Probation, Parole, and Pardon 864-429-1645
Solicitor's Office 864-429-1639
Magistrate's Office 864-429-1648
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