Public Works and Recycling
Union County
Public Works &

1246 S. Duncan Bypass Suite B
Union, SC  29379
(864) 466-4712

Road Department

The County Road Department is responsible for maintaining more than 300 miles of county roads and all bridges located on county roads. Road department personnel are available to respond to emergencies keeping Union County roads safe and free of debris during weather emergencies. 

Department personnel also place and remove roll-a-way trash containers located throughout the county and at the recycling stations.


Guidelines for using Convenience Centers
Accepted for recycling
Mixed Paper
Corrugated Cardboard

Waste accepted
Wood Products
Plastic Debris
White goods - refrigerators, appliances
Paint cans that have dried up paint at all sites

Compactors accept household garbage

Petroleum that is ACCEPTABLE in GOFFER® used oil collection tanks: 
Motor oil Heating oil Automatic Transmission fluid
Fuel oil Diesel fuel Power Steering fluid
Gear oil Kerosene Hydraulic fluid

Sardis Rd. only - gas/ oil mixture tank 

Petroleum that is NOT ACCEPTABLE in GOFFER® used oil collection tanks:

Water Refrigeration Oil Gasoline
Brake Fluid Paint Thinner Solvent or cleaner
Antifreeze Varsol Any substance used for brush cleaning


Litter Control

The Litter Control Association and PalmettoPride work to convey the message that every citizen has a responsibility to help keep South Carolina beautiful. Perhaps the single most meaningful element in the success of any anti-litter campaign is the effect it has on students. If we can teach our children the importance of cleaning up our state and educate them to stop litter at its source, then we have a chance to finally eliminate litter in South Carolina.  more

Recycling Centers
Station #1/Hwy 18:
1651 Jonesville Hwy.

MON-WED-FRI-SAT- 8am-6pm
Station #2/Landfill:
380 County Landfill Rd.

Station #3/Carlisle:
113 Academy St.

TUES & THURS 12pm-6pm/SAT 8am-6pm

Station #4/Santuc:
100 Suber Lane

TUES & THURS 12pm-6pm/SAT 8am-6pm

Station #5/Lockhart:
893 Old Union Road

TUES & THURS 12pm-6pm/SAT 8am-6pm

Station #6/Jonesville:
299 Long Ave.


Station #7/Kelton:
194 Mt. Joy Church Road

TUES & THURS 12pm-6pm/SAT 8am-6pm

Station #8/John Hart:
504 John Hart Road


Station #9/Airport:
570 Sardis Rd.


Station #10/Cross Keys:
4012 Cross Keys Hwy.

TUES & THURS 12pm-6pm/SAT 8am-6pm