16th Circuit Solicitor's Office

Kevin S. Brackett, Solicitor
John Anthony, Deputy Solicitor

210 West Main Street
Union, SC 29379
(864) 429-1639


The Sixteenth Circuit Solicitor is responsible for all criminal prosecutions in the court of General Sessions for York and Union County.  As the public prosecutor for this jurisdiction the Solicitor is charged with ensuring that individuals charged with crimes are prosecuted for those crimes where there is sufficient evidence to justify a verdict of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  A prosecutor is likewise responsible for ensuring that no person falsely accused of a crime is convicted unjustly.

Kevin Brackett, the current Solicitor for the 16th Circuit, has been a prosecutor his entire professional career.  Upon graduating from law school in 1991 he was hired as the narcotics prosecutor for the York County office of the 16th Circuit.  From 1995 until 2006 he served as Deputy Solicitor for then Solicitor Tommy Pope.  As Tommy’s second in command Kevin was responsible for the general supervision of both county offices as well as the family court division.  Together Kevin and Tommy established the 16th Circuit as the most efficient and effective office in the state.  The docket management method they devised and implemented is now the model that has been adopted by the Chief Justice for implementation statewide.  The results it has yielded for the 16th Circuit are demonstrated in the monthly docket report issued by the Office of Court Administration in Columbia.  The report shows the 16th circuit leading the state consistently month after month for the last ten years.

In November of 2006 Solicitor Tommy Pope retired from office.  Kevin Brackett was appointed to fulfill the unexpired portion of Solicitor Pope’s term in office by Governor Mark Sanford and this appointment was confirmed by the South Carolina Senate.

In addition to prosecuting some of the most notorious crimes in the circuit over the last 15 years Solicitor Brackett is also regularly called upon to train prosecutors in other parts of the state and across the country for the National College of District Attorneys.  Solicitor Brackett was asked by Senator Strom Thurmond to testify before the  United States Senate Judiciary Committee regarding pending legislation affecting death penalty cases in the country and in 1998 he was named the Ernest F. Hollings Prosecutor of the Year for South Carolina.

Solicitor Brackett is married to the former Susan Barletta and lives in Fort Mill, South Carolina with his wife and daughter Molly.