Probate Court

WIlliam D. All, III
Probate Judge

Union County Court House
210 West Main Street
Union, SC 29379
(864) 429-1625

The Union County Probate Court administers estates of decedents, issues marriage licenses, appoints guardians and conservators for minors and incapacitated persons, orders involuntary commitments of mentally ill or chemically dependent persons, and hears and decides trust litigation.

If You Need To Open an Estate:
Estate Worksheet Form.pdf
Please download, fill out, and print our Estate Worksheet. Once you have read and completed the worksheet please call our office to set up an appointment.
If You Would Like To Apply For a Marriage License:
Marriage Worksheet.pdf
The couple will need to apply together and in person. You will need to bring a picture I.D. and know your social security information, or if you are not a citizen of the U.S., we will need a valid passport and visa. There is a $30.00 CASH ONLY license fee.
After you apply for your license, there is a 24 Hour Waiting Period before you can pick up your license. Example: If you applied for you license at 2:37pm on a Monday you would have to wait until at least 2:37pm on Tuesday to pick up you license
If you download, print, and fill out the marriage worksheet before you come in to the court, it will help us better serve you.
We do not perform marriage ceremonies; you will need to find your own officiant.
If You Would Like To Request a Marriage Certificate:
Marriage Certificate Request Form.pdf
If you were married in Union County and would like to get a Marriage Certificate, please download, fill out, and print the Marriage Certificate Request Form. You can then either mail the form to the Court or you can bring to the court in person.
There is a $5.00 fee for the Marriage Certificate. If you are mailing in the request, either send us a self-addressed stamped envelope or add $0.50 for postage [$5.50 total fees].
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